Why Uncertain Blessings?

I can remember the exact moment I realized that our lives would not go as we had planned.  We were still in the hospital after the birth of our first child.  The nurse came in to take her for a newborn hearing screening, and it was then that I had my first experience with mother's intuition.  I knew that she would fail the screening, that she was hearing impaired, and that we were about to enter a world we had never dreamed existed.  I knew that in addition to hearing impairment, our daughter would face enormous challenges in her life.  I knew that I would spend months, if not years, convincing family and doctors that something wasn't right.  And I knew that my future had just taken a giant leap into complete insanity, er, uncertainty.

At the same time, I knew that this beautiful, precious little girl was, along with my husband, the greatest thing in my life.  Possibly in the entire world.  And that she would be a blessing not only to me, but to everyone who had the privilege of knowing her.

So there you have it.  Uncertain because we literally have no warning as to what will happen from day to day (for example, we had no way of knowing that the above mentioned angel would be suspended in 1st grade for tripping her best friend in class and laughing while his nose gushed blood), and blessings because no matter what stress and grief we have to muddle through, this amazing creature brings more joy and love to our home than anyone should be allowed to experience.

But why would you bother reading this?  Well, I've decided to chronicle my journey in an effort to be helpful to others who may also be raising children with special needs or who know a child with special needs or who want to know a child with special needs.  I've been doing this for over 9 years now so * I'm an expert and you should believe every word I say.  And lastly, I want to make you feel better about yourself.  Because if nothing else, you'll realize that you're not as crazy as you think you are.  I am as crazy as you think you are.

I hope you enjoy this.  I welcome comments, criticism, and suggestions.  Just please don't throw tomatoes because I can't afford a new computer.

*  I am NOT an expert and you shouldn't believe anything I say.  But you probably figured that out by now.